Chef Dan’s Signature Roll

butter poached shrimp, asparagus, truffled bacon aioli, soy paper, garlic chips

Vegetarian Roll

carrot, cucumber, asparagus, avocado, mango, enoki mushrooms with soy paper

Red Dragon Roll

lump crab meat, spicy mayonnaise, avocado, scallion, tobiko, unagi

Tunagi Roll

unagi, cucumber, Sriracha, firecracker sauce, topped with tuna, eel sauce, tempura crispies

Dynamite Roll

California roll topped with avocado, eel sauce, Sriracha, spicy mayonnaise

Rainbow Roll

California roll topped with ahi, hamachi, salmon, avocado

Wasabi Tuna Roll

spicy tuna roll topped with avocado, tempura crispies, wasabi aioli

Sweet Potato Tempura

tempura sweet potato, asparagus, scallion roll, topped with avocado, kabayaki, sriracha

Spicy Tuna Roll

Spider Roll

crispy soft shelled crab, avocado, cucumber, scallion, sesame seeds

Shrimp Tempura Roll

tempura shrimp, spicy mayonnaise, "rice krispies"

Lobster Tempura Roll

tempura Canadian cold water lobster tail, spicy mayonnaise, eel sauce

Philadelphia Roll

smoked salmon, cream cheese,  cucumber, scallion

Unagi Roll

broiled fresh water eel, enoki mushroom, cucumber, eel sauce

Classic California Roll

crab stick, avocado, cucumber

Firecracker "Handroll"

ahi, firecracker sauce, tempura crispies, soy paper

Wakame Salad

sesame seaweed salad

Sushi Trio

our three most popular rolls!

Red Dragon Roll

California Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll*

No substitutes please


  • Spicy Salmon*
  • Hamachi Maki*
  • Salmon Maki*
  • Cucumber Maki
  • Tuna Maki*
  • Avocado Maki


Tuna* (Maguro)

Yellowtail* (Hamachi)

Salmon* (Sake)

Eel* (Unagi)

Shrimp* (Ebi)


sides: jasmine rice | organic brown rice | wok tossed Asian vegetables | noodles

* Items are served raw, undercooked or can be cooked to order. Consuming undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase your risk of food bourne illness.